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Below is a selection of past personal projects — some completed, some self–initiated and some that sadly were never realised.

The Radiology Group

The Radiology Group was about consolidate all of its offices and relaunch as TRG Imaging, and we were asked to look at new branding and a visual language that moved away from their austere oxblood colour palette and stereotypical imagery. What emerged was the notion of turning the brandmark into a lens and looking through it at microscopic 'blobs' that were rendered in 3D using a friendlier palette of blues, greens and yellows.


The website concept involved moving towards a task–orientated homepage, using simpler, more engaging language and treating all visitors as existing patients, rather than trying to sell to prospective patients.

Original brandmarks
Proposed TRG Imaging brandmark
Website concept design
Website concept design
Website concept design

A redesign of their forms was also recommended — for both in–office and patient use. The redesigned forms considered some feedback from TRG employees with regards to clarity and practicality and brought some much needed humanness to patients' experience.

Radiology form redesign
Radiology form redesign
3D blobs
3D blobs
3D blobs

An upcoming personal project, Proudly Christian will hopefully become a large–scale realisation of Jesus' teachings on compassion, love and understanding. The project is founded on the principles set out in the Charter for Compassion and will launch by Q3 2016.

Presentation slide

Gay Auckland Business Association

A self–initiated project with no association with GABA implied. This was done as an exercise, but the results are something I wish could've been implemented.


The brandmark was simplified, with details — like the capped A–letterforms — taken from Kris Sowersby's Founders Grotesk typeface, which was the foundation for the brand. In the same way that a New Zealand–made typeface was selected, the brandmark eschews standard gay tropes by using the stereotypcial New Zealand colour: all black. This is offset with colourful vintage illustrations and photography with a decidedly camp twist.


The name was updated from Gay Auckland Business Association to the more inclusive GLBTI Auckland Business Association, and a series of brandmarks were developed for the various scholarships and trusts offered by GABA.

Current brandmark
Proposed brandmark
Proposed brandmark
Proposed brandmark
Proposed monogram brandmark
Poster concept
Print concept
Email concept

Monaco Compensation Lawyers

Monaco Compensation Lawyers in Australia were initially looking for an updated online presence, but the redesign prompted a look at their branding as well. The brandmark was redesigned to be simpler and a new typeface was selected to be used across all of their collateral. Ultimately, they opted to only use the redesigned brandmark.

Previous brandmark
New brandmark

The proposed website simplified the sitemap dramatically by using the homepage as a narrative tool to display most of the critical information in a concise and economic tone; content that was hard to find within their current navigational structure.


The new colour palette of warm yellows and oranges with plenty of whitespace, as well as the shifted focus towards portrait photography of real people, translated into a more approachable brand.

Proposed homepage

Nick James Design

Nick James is an experienced landscape contractor working on both residential and commercial projects. The brief included establishing a new brand identity, stationery design and setting up an online presence. A bold, structural monogram using NJD was complimented with a harsh, uncompromising typeface and contrasted with a delicate and elegant serif typeface. Bold contrasting colours and spectacular macro photography completed the brand. In a happy accident, combining four monograms resulted in a decidedly kiwi ornament.

Nick James Design brandmark
Homepage design
Contact form design
Brand guidelines